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We are specialized in Chicken farm equipment and major exporter in China. We can provide you with Layer Chicken A&H cages, automatic feeding and drinking equipment, environmental control equipment, Manure removal system and any other products that you would need on raising chicken. We can handle your entire projects from sample to shipping and all projects management for the production runs. At the same time, we can also help you solve the problems in the process of raising chicken.

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    About Us - Livi Poultry

    What is Livi Industry? Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is the leader and specialist of Chinese poultry equipment manufacturer. As the largest manufacturer for the poultry cages and coupled automatic equipment, it includes the automatic feeding & drinking system, egg-collection system, chicken manure removal system, and chicken house environmental control system.Battery Cage Poultry Farming Project in Uganda - Hightop Poultry Farming Project in Uganda. We just sold the chicken cage to our client in Uganda, they required for both quality and cheaper price, we met their requirement. They bought the cage from us and built their own chicken farm this year to enlarge the poultry business. Below is the poultry farming project photos of our client.High Quality Chicken Battery Cage Manufacturer in Nigeria Last year, a poultry farm in Nigeria is 80 meter long, 15 meter for depth, and the height of the house is 4 meter, we designed a plan for this farm. Finally customer choice our chicken battery cages and we are responsible for installing and handling after-sales issues, the customer in Nigeria very satisfied for our battery cages.Battery Layer Cages in Nigeria With Lower Price 120 birds Successful installation project about commercial battery poultry cages for layers. 1.Our customer in Nigeria want to feed 44000 chickens in a whole layer cages, and finally they purchased our H frame system commercial battery poultry cages for layers in 2014, and now, all the equipment working well in this farm.

    Chicken Cages Afrimash - Nigeria

    Battery cages are a housing system primarily recommended for egg-laying poultry.These feature arrangement of rows and columns of identical cages connected together, in a unit, as in an artillery battery.They are semi-automated with drinking system, premium feeding system to avoid feed wastage, durable frames for the cages and good quality connecting fittings.China Large Automatic Layer Chicken Equipment - China Large Scale Automatic Layer Chicken Equipment A full set of equipment using 275 mg of zinc-plated material, the use of traditional cleaning agents and disinfectants have a very important anti-corrosion effect, the service life of up to 10-15 years, pay attention to product quality, low maintenance costs;Cost Analysis For 1,000 to 3000 Poultry (layers) Capacity For more information on poultry services,Poultry equipments/accessories, battery cages etc farm lands for sale in Osun at 150k per Acre and Virgin farmland in Oyo at 150k per Hectare. We also stock all your needed farming chemicals, seedlings and

    Design Layer Chicken Cage in Nigeria lagos farms

    Poultry Cage For The Farm , Layers , Chick And. Secondly , the structure of the nigerian farm is as the mostly same as My main product : chicken cage for layers , broilers , chicks and Razor wire and iron wire mesh . in the end of this month , my layer cage will be shipping to lagos and in We help poultry farmer design and build modern farms with ourHightop Poultry Equipment - Chicken Farm Equipment Project In Nigeria In August 2016, a customer in Nigeria finished building his chicken house and decided he wanted to be an agent for Hightop Poultry Equipment. He immediately bought one container of chicken cages, deciding to use as many of them as How is the Prospect of Using Poultry Battery Cage Equipment? The farmers who farms large-scale of chickens should know about the poultry battery cage equipment includes many types of equipment and the investment funds in the early period are relatively large. How much benefit can be brought, so the chicken equipment manufacturers will talk about the prospects of introducing the poultry farm equipment for

    Lagos Office & Warehouse Selling Chicken Cage & Poultry

    3.Delivery: chicken cage and poultry equipment directly to your farm by our professional transportation team. 4.Installation: installation workers will arrive your farm at same time with your chicken cage and poultry equipment for installation. 5. Our service 1.Design poultry project or house 2.Delivery to your farm, door to doorLivi Chicken Cage And Poultry Rearing Equipment Industry Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd specializes in equipment for poultry farming, we offer a large range of poultry equipment products including automatic layer rearing equipment, automatic pullet drinking system, automatic pullet feeding system, automatic environment control system, egg collector system,egg grading and packing machine, gantry feeding automatic machine, automaticNigeria,lagos Poultry Cage, Chicken Cage, Battery Cage We are the largest manufacturer of poultry equipment in China, Our products include Cage Rearing System(chicken battery cage), Feeding System, Egg Collection System, Manure Removal System, Temperature System and others. If you are interested, please contact me [email protected] or call me 00-86-15838398703 Anny0526: hello every one,

    Poultry Cages in Lagos for sale Prices on Jiji.ng

    Derasaq farms and poultry equipment company,we have them in two capacity 96birlds and 120birlds capacity with hot galvanize wire mesh, length of the cage (96birlds cage @ 6.4by 8.5fit) and the length of (120birlds cage @7.4 b. Lagos State, Agbara-Igbesan, TODAY, 05:26 Farm Machinery & Equipment 1 Which Farm Machinery & Equipment are actual in 2021?This year, the most actual products in Jiji - China Factory Imported Battery Cages Layers Cage Hot Galvanized Cages Imported Poultry Cages Chic. Which Farm Machinery & Equipment belong to the premium segment?TOP-3 premium products from this category in Jiji - Rabbit Cages,Parrots,Poultry Cages,Rabbit Feeders and Drink. Imported And Locally Made Cage. Which Farm Machinery & Equipment are the cheapest?TOP 3 products from this category in Jiji - Imported Poultry Cages Chicken Cages Battery Chicken Cages China Factory Imported Battery Cages Lay.Poultry Equipment in Nigeria for sale Prices on Jiji.ng Ikeja lagos nigeria Quick views 1.Dimension of cage: 1950L*2050W*1650H(mm) 2.Dimension of cell390*450*380 (mm) Phone micheal 3.Capacity:4 chickens/cell, 5 cells per cage; 3-tier cage feed 120 chickens per unit. 4-tier cage fe. Which Farm Machinery & Equipment are actual in 2021?This year, the most actual products in Jiji - China Factory Poultry Cages / Quality Poultry Cage China Factory Hot Dipped Galvanized Battery Ca. Which Farm Machinery & Equipment belong to the premium segment?TOP-3 premium products from this category in Jiji - Poultry Drinkers Dekoraj Farms Poultry Drinkers Automatic Drinkers For Birds At Ibadan Which Farm Machinery & Equipment are the cheapest?TOP 3 products from this category in Jiji - China Factory Imported Battery Cages 160 Birds One Set Chicken Cages China Factory Hot Dipped Galva.Poultry Farming Equipment - Battery Cage System for Layer The Automatic Poultry Farming Battery Cage Equipment Livi engages in providing different types of equipment for chicken cage system for poultry equipment manufacturers. Poultry chicken cage system is designed for farming work in poultry factory at a large number of chickens.

    Poultry Farming in Nigeria: How to Start in 2019

    Finding this page is a start and we will show you how you can start poultry farming in Nigeria in 2019 irrespective of your location. Poultry Farming in Nigeria: How to Start in 2019. First, lets take a look at the benefits of starting your poultry farm. Commercial poultry farming provides employment opportunities for the unemployed.Poultry house design of 5000 layer with chicken cage Poultry house design of 5000 layer with chicken cage in Nigeria. 1Chicken house: L W H = 168ft 22.6ft 11.5ft (51m7m 3.5m ) 2Wall height: 1.65ft 3Wire mesh height: 9.85ft 4Walking way: 3.6ft 5Pit width: 5.9ft 6Distance between cage row and front wall or end wall: 5ft 724 sets/row 82 rows totally 948Sturdy Spacious chicken cage for poultry farm for nigeria 16chickens/cage, In 3 layers chicken cage,it can contain 96chickens per set; In 4 layers chicken cage,it can contain 160 chickens per set. 9. Chicken cage of Automated controlled system and ventilation Chicken cage of A beautiful appearance,easily handle, save the room. 11.chicken cage transportation if you have need for chicken cage , contact me at any time , I will offer you the high quality

    Where to Get Modern and Automated Poultry Equipment in

    Definitely yes, there is also free poultry shed design and your any advice on all species poultry battery cage design, and so we received customized cage plan for your chicken farms. Once you decide to buy our poultry equipment for your poultry farms, we can guarantee you the fast delivery deadline.Zimbabwean Suppliers - Chicken Layer Battery Cages Suppliers in Zimbabwe Sell Poultry Farm Equipment. Different types of layer battery cages system are available in Livi Machinery poultry farming equipment supplier, which have owned much good reputation among our customers for poultry equipment and chicken cages in Zimbabwe.large scale project poultry farm equipment to nigeria africa large scale project poultry farm equipment to nigeria africa, Our Poultry Cages include the Poultry Battery Cages, Baby Chicken Cages, Broiler Cages, Chicken Layer Cages, grounding feeding system and incubator.

    poultry battery cage-Hot Sale for large scale chicken farm

    Chicken cages equipped with H Type chicken cage system can work without breeders. Chickens can be raised by breeders in a way of isolation to avoid transmission of diseases. 4. H Type poultry later battery cage has been the best choice for a chicken farm which adopts a model of management with intensification and high benefit raising.poultry battery cage-Hot Sale for large scale chicken farm Poultry battery cage is one kind of chicken housing equipment used for raising layer chicken in large numbers. This cage system is popular in poultry rearing industry and welcomed amongst poultry farmers at home and abroad.


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